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Hi. I'm David.

I am a massage therapist and a continuing education teacher.

I create courses that you want to take.

Join me, and become a more satisfied, more effective therapist.


David M. Lobenstine, LMT

David M. Lobenstine, LMT

You don't have to ache.

You don’t have to be bored, or tired, or frustrated. You don’t have to just go through the motions.

You already have good skills. Now let’s build on them, and rebuild your love for what you do. 

My courses offer innovative ways of seeing the body, and new tools for taking care of your client’s body—and your own body. We’ll use Tai Chi to help release teres minor; we’ll make your myofascial work more effective by using mindfulness. 

I don’t teach a particular style or modality. Instead, I teach foundational principles that will deepen and expand and revive your work, whether you do rolfing or reiki, whether you do somatoemotional release or Swedish. 

Let me show you how to love your work again.

Coming Soon!

I am thrilled to announce the streaming version of Pour Don't Push.

This beautiful video will show you how to use your most powerful tools—your breath and your body weight—in order to massage with greater ease and greater satisfaction.

And you can learn it all from your own home or office!

Available in early April 2019. 

14 CE units



Watch a preview here.

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What Your Colleagues Say


"Thank you for such an enlightening class. Your idea of massaging with visualization and intention resonates with me hugely. I love that you help us find ourselves first, before we get into the client's space. It reminded me of the oxygen mask theory on the airplane: the adult must put on the oxygen mask first so that he can help the child put his on. We have to remember to take care of us first so that we can then take care of others. Thank you for encouraging us to ask questions and to forgive ourselves. Still working on that one!"

—Andrea Mosbacher, LMT

"I've been fortunate to work with David as both a student and a client. As massage therapists, we all strive to reach a place in our work that transcends what we know about the body and touch. David has found access to this space through something so simple it should be obvious: the breath.

A massage under his careful guidance is a revelation. After just one session, I felt a deeper understanding of and connection to my body. His work with the breath is unique and really spectacular: grounding, informative and empowering. 

Both his continuing education workshops and his massages have influenced my work profoundly. Thank you, David!"


—Katie Parker, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Your ‘Pour Don't Push’ workshop was life-changing. The skills and the mindset you have provided me with are not merely going to benefit my clients, but they are also going to breathe new life into my work. You have helped bring me back to the basics and all of the things that lit my fire and inspired me at the start of my massage career. Also, your close hands-on guidance in how to adjust my body mechanics and posture are going to help me immensely with how I work from this day forward and help to keep me free from pain and strain."

—Neil Fasolino, Licensed Massage Therapist



Live Courses

I teach live courses throughout the year and around the country. 

Streaming Courses

Learn with me online, wherever you are!


What Do You Want to Learn?

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Pour Don't Push

Do you find your mind wandering during your sessions? Do you ache at the end of your sessions? Pour Don't Push will revitalize your practice, by teaching you to harness your breath and your body weight—your most powerful tools that you aren't using.


Solution Is the Sides

Are you stuck in a rut, doing the same session over and over again? Are you working hard and not getting the results you want? This course offers a new approach to your client, by focusing on the lateral aspect of the body. You'll learn uncommon approaches to solve those common client complaints, and fall in love with your work again.

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What comes next...?

I am constantly developing new courses. Currently in the planning stages:

How to Make Your Client Relax Without Saying "Relax!"

Finding a Full Breath: How to Work with the Rib Cage


But just as important, I want to know what you want. Tell me what you would like to take a CE course on...

Curious for More?

Read my published articles. Watch my videos.

After 16 rewarding years of massaging, my body was getting tired and I was thinking of retiring. I would read articles, get tutorials, ask colleagues for advice, but some piece was missing. Then I read your two articles—‘Pour Don’t Push’ and ‘The Solution Is the Sides’—and there was my missing piece. I had been working too hard. Now that I am ‘pouring’ through each massage, I feel more energy than ever. I am glowing with joy and ease. Even washing the dishes and vacuuming the house has become easier! Thank you for showing me this path to a longer, more fulfilling, and healthier massage career.
— Marlaine Darfler, Licensed Massage Therapist