Let’s Learn Better


My goals for 2019 are simple: 

  1. I want to transform the way we learn as massage therapists. 

  2. I want to transform the way you think about yourself as a massage therapist.

I graduated from massage school in August of 2004. I started teaching massage six months later. I have been massaging and teaching massage ever since. 

I have always enjoyed exploring with other people the things that are most important to them. As my wife will tell you, I ask a lot of questions. This is either one of my most endearing traits, or one of my most annoying. 

Teaching feels like a natural extension of this inner curiosity—this desire to ask and explore. The longer I teach, the more I believe that the way we make meaningful change – both in our own individual lives, and in the wider world around us – is by exploring what we are doing each day, and why we are doing it, and how can be doing it more effectively.

That exploration is what I am doing in every massage session I give. And in every massage course I teach. And that exploration is what I want to do with you.

I have been in the classroom in one way or another for more than a dozen years. And since 2012, I have been developing and teaching continuing education workshops for massage therapists. I have worked with hundreds of students around the country. 

I plan to continue to teach live and in person for as long as I can. There is nothing quite as satisfying. In my classes, again and again and again, I watch a therapist struggle with a counterproductive habit, and then I make a suggestion, often something quite simple—about lengthening their exhale and slowing down, or about, or about shifting the position of their back leg—and then I see that therapist transform. I get to see that revelation wash through their body—“I can work more easily!” “I don't have to hurt myself while I work!” I get to see the lightbulbs going off. Minute after minute, hour after hour, my days in the classroom are filled with these moments of revelation. Moments when massage therapists feel how they can work more easily and more effectively and more happily. Those are moments that I am so very grateful to be a part of. 

And at the same time, I can’t be in two places at once. I am never able to work in person with as many massage therapists as I would like. And frankly, what I would most like to do in the world right now is spend more time with my two kids. (My son will soon be a teenager, so I’m guessing my desire might change soon… But for rigth now, they are where I want to be.) And thus, I don’t want to spend every day in the classroom. 

So I am going virtual. I am combining my in-person teaching with a new home-study possibility. I want to work with you live. And I also want to work with you wherever you may be, whenever you are ready. 

More details to come in the next post. I’m excited. I hope you will be too. Meanwhile, check out the preview video on my homepage, and join my mailing list for more information.