Your Learning Is About to Change

 My first home study course—Pour Don’t Push—is currently awaiting approval by NCBTMB; it should be available in March. I am thrilled. I will continue to teach in-person courses, but now geography won’t limit us. You can study with me wherever you are, and whenever you are ready. 

I have poured a lot of sweat, and a lot of heart, and a lot of money, into my forthcoming Pour Don’t Push course. I hope you will be as excited about it as I am. The course is built on 8 ½ hours of video and written manual rich in detail. I think the combination is a powerful one. 
My aim is to have made a home study course unlike anything you have seen before. The video was shot and edited by a marvelous director and editor, Rubidium Wu and Kai Beverly-Whittemore, and is—I hope—as fun to watch as it is informative. 

I recruited three fantastic massage therapists who work with me throughout the filming of the course. So you’ll see me demonstrate the different components of what I call “the pouring principle” across six different chapters, working on three different bodies. But even more important, after every demonstration chapter is a practice chapter, where one of these therapists practices the content from the previous demonstration, and I guide them along, and give suggestions, and point out common mistakes. 

What this means is that you are able to practice these different components of the pouring principle not just on your own, but also accompanied by another therapist who is learning the material, just like you. And as I am guiding that therapist on the video and making suggestions, I am also guiding you, and making suggestions about common issues that I see in my live workshops. What this means is that you are learning alongside me, as close to an experience of “live” learning as you’ll ever get from a home study course. 

In addition, this course is not just one that you skim and then take the test and get your credits and forget about the content. This is a course that is both demanding of you, and enlightening for you. The written manual, which is a chapter-by-chapter companion to the videos, is rich with additional explorations and explanations. And every chapter is anchored by a series of questions to encourage your own reflection and review of the material. These questions will give you an ongoing guideline that will help you to pass the multple choice test at the end required to get CE credit. But far more importantly, these questions will stimulate your own thinking and make this a course that you don’t just watch, but a course that you experience. This is not just a course that you take to fulfill your CE requirements; it is a course that fulfills you, today and for a long time to come. 

We all know what most online CE courses are like. Poorly filmed and uninspiring. The kind of thing you watch while you are doing a lot of other things. While you are only half paying attention. How many times have you bought one of these courses and then sighed, knowing that you are paying this money just to fulfill your state’s CE requirement, and knowing that you are going to forget about the content as soon as you receive your certificate of completion? 

That is not going to happen here. I want to make home study courses as engaging as is possible. Even though I am not working with you in person when you take this course, I want you to feel me working with you in spirit. I want you to feel me giving you suggestions, whispering in your ear, encouraging you to be your most effective self. 

And the forthcoming video, Pour Don’t Push, is just the beginning. I have eight other courses that I am currently scheduling to film in the next few years. I am here to improve the way you learn, and to improve the way you work. 

In the meantime, join my mailing list for more information. Take a look at my YouTube page for a taste of my teaching. And keep an eye here—each week I’ll release a new blog post with tips and concepts for making your massage work more satisfying and more effective. 
Let’s get to work.